Comic For Monday, November 8th 2004

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11.08.04 - Terrence Marks:
So, anime or manga? Radioactive Fanboys asks the same question in a reference/tribute/blatant rip. Check it out; it's pretty cool.

And what's my preference? Manga, because you get to choose how much you read in a sitting. With anime, you're signing up in advance for a 26-minute chunk at a time. With manga, if you want to stop 18 minutes in, you can do that.

So, what's been up lately? Well, Isabel and I were pollworkers on election day. I was planning on making some relevant yet apolitical comments, but working a 15-hour day as a clerk made me kinda, well, it took me another day or two to recover. It went smoothly, but man that was a long day. At the end of everything, we had to count everything and every person there had a slightly different way of counting the various types of votes. After an hour and a half, we finally settled on a method that had us only one off. And I've been interviewing a lot.


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