Jeff is a very friendly and generous person, so much so that it frightens people sometimes.  He likes to give things to people, especially Todd's things.  In a crowd of 20 people, he probably knows 13 of them.  Jeff gets along with everybody and always has something to do or somewhere to go.  He doesn't seem to have any source of income and hasn't kept a job for more than two weeks at a time.

Game system of choice: A spare controller on Todd's PlayStation 2.

Computer of choice: A Geatway Heorot which has been kept alive using parts that other people were just going to throw away.  It works for Jeff because it likes him and will crash horribly for anybody else.


Todd is from a well-off family.  He wishes he were an only child, but his sister Alisa is living with him.  He likes his toys and he likes his friends, sometimes in that order.  He usually has the fanciest and newest equipment and tends to discard whatever is "obsolete".  Tips well.  He doesn't really like the fact that everybody is hanging out at his house, but hasn't done anything about it because he'd get bored without them.  Todd likes Jeff but doesn't like his guests, especially Minerva.  He gets along fairly well with Carl.

Game system of choice: Whatever's new.  Currently the Nintendo DS.

Computer of choice: Alienware-style machine filled with casemods and blinky lights and cutout panels.  It was all done in-factory.  He didn't have anything to do with building it, of course.


Carl met Jeff on a bus and got dragged into all this.  Carl works as a technician and is fairly good at it.  He's a computer science major and considers himself a normal person.  He's likes hanging out with Jeff because he doesn't have anything much else to do.  He's going out with Sonia.

Game system of choice: See below.  Has a GBA-SP.

Computer of choice: Has a five-computer cluster/network made up of cheap computer parts.


Minerva isn't afraid to tell the world that she's blonde.  Even though she isn't.  The world generally accepts that excuse, which makes life easier.  She's not very smart but she's not stupid either.  She just usually doesn't try very hard at things.  She'd probably be dangerous if she took the world more seriously.  She enjoys hanging out with Jeff and Sonia and has no real opinion of Todd.  Minerva has a crush on Jeff, but whether he feels the same way is unknown.

Game system of choice: GameCube

Computer of choice: A Geatway Grendel that Daddy got her because he had a coupon for it.  It's horribly overpowered for what she uses it for.



Sonia is Minerva's friend.  She's majoring in artificial languages and takes it fairly seriously.  She's also dating Carl right now.  She met him at Minerva's sleep-over after Jeff told them about Carl's heroic exploits.  Carl seriously owes Jeff for this one.

Game system of choice: no preference

Computer of choice: Carl's.


Shandra is a girl Jeff met on the bus on her way to nowhere in particular.  Shandra lost her family recently and hasn't been doing well in school... but with the unconditional help of Jeff, Shandra is slowly getting back on her feet, both academically and mentally.  Currently she is living in Minerva's house apartment and usually follows Jeff around like a baby duck to its momma.

Game system of choice: no preference

Computer of choice: The College's machines in the Library.

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