About Spare Parts

Spare Parts is written by Terrence Marks and drawn his wife, Isabel Marks.  Back in 1999, he started a comic called Unlike Minerva and was looking for an artist.  A few months later, she found him. 

We started talking online and, well, neither of us are quite sure what happened, but we're both glad that it did.  We got married in December of 2002.  Isabel draws Namir Deiter and a few other comics.  Terrence runs The Nice.  They also color Kevin & Kell.

Terrence says:
After Unlike Minerva ended, I sat down, relaxed, and started working on a few other comics.  I wanted something lighthearted and fun.  This is how it came out.  In my spare time, yes, I do work tech support.

Despite having a character named Minerva, there's no connection between the two comics.



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