Comic For Monday, June 27th 2005

[246] The Petition (1 of 6)

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06.28.05 - Isabel Marks:
Next month we will not be upping the final total to $1500, but not because Terrence found a job... after much talk and consideration we decided that, quite frankly, every month the donation total is met a little uncomfortably close to the end of the month, and adding more to the total might discourage people from donating even before we get to the $800 or $1000 total instead of the $1500 mark if the total is a bit small and we're near the end of the month.

So... what does that mean for all of you? Well, nothing will change, except next month's bonus book will be only 16 pages (it was going to be 20 if we added the extra $500- but at least it wasn't going to be 12 like this month's book was originally planned to be).

Speaking of this month's book... the four page bonus story is written, but due to being sick for most of the weekend, even writing was a chore.

I will continue doing the whole Sketch image days (when there are no comic updates on that day) for next month in the hopes of it brinhing new members in.

Hopefully I'll have more news (and better news) next week. Till then, take care!


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