Comic For Friday, January 7th 2005

[172] Battleship Potemkin (6 of 18)

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01.07.05 - Terrence Marks:
I like to read a lot of comics, but it's daunting to try to read through large archives, and there's a lot of good comics that are past 500 strips. Namir Deiter just had its 900th strip this week, which is damn cool. But I'm a bit intimidated when I come across a comic with a large archive; I may have to spend several days catching up before I understand the recent comics. It's kind of a barrier to entry. That's why I have the new quick start section. It cuts about 45 comics from the beginning, mainly because they were inessential. Those comics are still available in the regular archive. I just feel that if you're new to the comic and want to get up to date, it's a good option. If you know somebody who might like to read Spare Parts, send them here.

Resolutions: (It's in the first week of the new year. It counts.)

* Read at least half of what Mark Twain wrote.
* Read 3 other books.
* Learn to draw.
* Send three pieces of fanmail each week.
* Add one webcomic per week to my read-list (which had grown severely underpopulated due to real life events).
*Finish six major php projects.

I added a quick start section for new readers. That's a very minor project. I'm a bit behind on fanmail, but I finally caught up on The Adventures of Fifine. Great comic. I compare it to Tintin. If I were good at reviewing comics, I would tell you about it without that comparison. I'm not that good a reviewer, though. For the moment, let us merely say that it's a really fun comic to read, and shows a strong Tintin influence.


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