Comic For Monday, December 20th 2004

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12.20.04 - Terrence Marks:
My nephew was born this weekend! He's a cute baby.

We watched Parappa the Rapper, the anime. It was disappointing. The characters weren't two-dimensional. If they were in that same paper-thin style as the game, that would've been cool. But they were kinda almost 3D. Not that they had much depth. There was PJ (self-absorbed, depressed), Katy (oversensitive, violent), Paula (manipulative, bitchy), and Matt (PJ's new friend from Club Fun - yes, that was his only line. He said it about three times. That was all the personality he had).

It was about Parappa going trying to please these unpleasant and unpleasable people; there was a robbery too. Everyone (except Parappa) was quick to accuse everyone (including Parappa) else. And there was no rapping. None. That's what made the games worthwhile. It wasn't the plot or the setup. It was a rhythm game with a decent soundtrack. If they had Chop Chop Master Onion or Prince Fleaswallow, it would've been cool. But no. No rapping. Man, that was disappointing.

Edit: It turns out I forgot Sunny from the Parappa character list. How could I forget Sunny. Man, was she forgettable.


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