Comic For Monday, November 15th 2004

[149] Game time (1 of 9)

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11.15.04 - Terrence Marks:
Isabel is taking commissions. If you want your very own piece of Isabel Marks artwork, now's the perfect time to get it.

Or do you want to order a book but don't have a Paypal account? Now we have an order form! You can print it out and send it in with a check or money order. And we still have the ND Unlimited Store if you want to order online.

Not sure what to order? We've got a lot of great things. Personally, I'm really, really proud of Headphone Story. It's a 24-page short story featuring all new characters. The art is beautiful. It's a great story. It's got plenty of style and it's cute. If you don't already have it, buy a copy!


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