Comic For Friday, October 22nd 2004

[139] Happy Spare Parts' first birthday! (1 of 1)

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10.22.04 - Terrence Marks:
Happy one-year anniversary to Spare Parts! Thank you, everyone for your support. I can't believe I've been doing this for a whole year.

In honor of this, the site has a new look. And Isabel is coloring the strips a bit differently. We're moving in directions, you know. We're moving in directions. The cast page will be updated really soon, hopefully tomorrow. And there should be a Spare Parts book out in the future, hopefully by the end of the year.


10.22.04 - Isabel Marks:
I'll start with the big stuff, on Friday my husband Terrence lost his job and we don't have a lot of savings. We have enough for about a month... but with the horrible Californian economy, I have no idea when he'll have a real job again (or even a temp job somewhere...).

Depending on how things go next month, things might change with all my comics... I might need to cut down on comics and get more work myself as well- especially since sales at the store were not what they were before we moved over to the more efficient (although intimidating to some patrons- it's just like the old PayPal store, only with more accurate shipping charges!) OScommerce program and donations for the month of October have not been too well despite adding more incentive than the huge Sunday comics and the Saturday comics.

If I made *at least* $600 a month (total, not per comic) on donations, we'd be ok for a few more months... things would be even better if we made more sales and I started taking commissions again (they start at around $20, e-mail me if you're interested), but right now where things stand I'm really scared about the future of my comics.

I really don't know what else to say... neither Terrence or myself were expecting this... only recently could we afford to actually start putting money into savings... all I can ask is to consider donating to the comic since the stakes have now gotten a lot higher unfortunately and please consider purchasing some of the professionally made books in the ND Unlimited Store (for every two graphic novels purchased- I will send you a pencil sketch of a character of your choice!)


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