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[098] Indy day (1 of 17)

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07.05.04 - Terrence Marks:
I've changed the archives around - now there's a cookie-based version that saves your settings (hide/show news, weekly/daily). Check it out here. And please let me know if you have any problems. My laptop's copy of IE has been erratic lately so I can't be entirely sure. I'm practicing my PHP skills and hopefully it'll work. After a week, if everything works, I'll make this the main archive. I don't have an article on genre just yet because I was programming instead. I've got a few things planned...

This arc was written (and mostly drawn) on July 4th. Yes, it would've been more topical a week ago. That's how it goes sometimes. I like it. And Jeff's calendar is a bit off anyhow.

And I hope you guys had a nice Free Comic Book Day. We did. Picked up the Sore Thumbs book. Couldn't find the Keenspot or Keenspace books anywhere, unfortunately. That sucked a bit.

Tokyopop's book was so-so at best, really. I like manga. But they did a very bad job of choosing segments. I mean, you've got a one-paragraph explanation of the series. Then you've got about twelve pages of material from the middle of the stories that make very little sense on their own. I know they can't just redraw things, but if they had maybe a two page character bio spread at the beginning of things. Maybe an "as we join the story" paragraph afterwards and end it on a cliffhanger or something. As it was, they end on a theme of "we're out of pages, folks". It didn't catch my interest. And I'm a guy who reads random manga just because I can. I mean, if you can't sell to a guy who reads Togari, Gokusen, Grooming Up!, and a bunch of other things that 99.99% of America has never heard of. If you can't sell to me, you're gonna have trouble selling to everyone else.

Gemstone/Disney put out some SWEET material - a Mickey Mouse/Uncle Scrooge twofer and a Donald Duck story by Carl Barks. Cover by Walt Kelly. Now, you don't get any better combination than that. I mean, dude. It doesn't get any better than that. The Donald Duck story was their 2003 FCBD offering, but I saw a lot of them around. Now, personally, I think that if Disney really put their weight into it, these things would be getting all the attention they deserve. But as it is, they're a speciality title that I don't see around much. I mean, they're some of the best comics starring the most recognizable characters in the western hemisphere. By any rights, they'd be the hottest non-superhero comics out there. I know that a lot of the Disney comics kept going in Europe for decades when they were unavailable here, and that's just not right. I'm just glad Gemstone is bringing things over. I know I'm a big Uncle Scrooge fanboy, but am I being unrealistic here? I seriously intend to start collecting them when I get a chance. And maybe Jeff should go treasure hunting or something.

More opinions on things later on. I picked up a dozen or two FCBD comics and I can't get them all done in one night.


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