Comic For Friday, February 20th 2004

[042] Isn't it Good to be Lost in the Woods? (1 of 19)

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02.20.04 - Terrence Marks:
Well, we're getting on the plane today. By now, our computers are probably disconnected and packed. We've got a stopover in the Los Vegas airport and we're just hoping they have a few slot machines so we can pass the time. At this point, the next story arc should be starting. Yes, it is a Syd Barrett quote. And I decided not to reinstall Windows anyhow. Just wiped W2k from the machine. It's easier that way. I'll need to edit the boot.ini file soon - adding Isabel's hard drive to my computer today (because we're leaving the computer she was using here).

And I'm working on restoring portions of the UM archive. And on Mario & Luigi (I beat Ma Piranha! Go me.). We're pretty much packed. I said my goodbyes to everybody - my family, my friends, my co-workers. And Tate and Tony. *sigh*. It's hard to leave Florida behind...or,'s easy to leave Florida itself behind. It's just the people there that I'm going to miss. I spent the last few months knowing I should spend more time with people but realizing that it wouldn't do much good since I'd be leaving soon. But I'm off to California and the better opportunities that it presents me. I think I'm going to like it there.

We got the last of our large boxes mailed out on Wednesday. The post office probably hates me now.

And I cut it back to 3 news articles on the front page because it was getting a bit much. I'll be adding all this (and more) to the archives real soon now.


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