Comic For Monday, February 9th 2004

Guest Comic by FrostDemn

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02.09.04 - Terrence Marks:
Everything's coming up Spare Parts!

We spent the weekend selling my car. Got three times as much as I expected, which is quite nice. We shipped my guitars out, which was so expensive that I pretty much have to join a band when I get out to California. I've got a Danelectro baritone guitar - I need to learn how to play it well; my goal is to learn to play rhythm well. I learned the first time listening to Syd Barrett and (early) They Might Be Giants - don't do that. It's all very straightforward. Need to listen to bands; learn to play with bands.
Curent Certification Status - Final pass-through. Plan is to test on Thursday for 70-214.


02.09.04 - Terrence Marks:
Monday - FrostDemn
Wednesday - Paul Stevens
Friday - Sonictail

Thank you all!
We have another week of guest strips coming up after this. Then onto the next story!


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