Comic For Wednesday, January 7th 2004

Do not disturb much

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01.07.04 - Isabel Marks:
Hey everyone. sorry about being so quite as of late... as some of you might have heard, Terrence and myself are preparing for a cross-country move- and as I'm sure some of you know, there's a lot more to moving than just packing up boxes. Terrence is extremely busy trying to find new work as well as trying to squeeze one more MCSA Certification under his belt before the move- which means that his time is very limited.

So... for this week and next week we're going to have a small side story as well as a few illustration updates so Terrence can get a bit more writing time (as well as some time for those luxurious things in life- y'know, eating... sleeping. That sort of fun stuff).

Ok... so tune in all this week and next for something different. Till then, good night and take care.


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