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[535] Goodbye and thank you for reading!
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05.04.2015 - Isabel Marks:
You know, it's been a while, so what the hey, here's a news update. Welcome to May, everyone. Hope you're having a good one...

First off, I've been sporadically placing late WIP images of ND over on my Instagram account, please check it out... as long as dolls and Furbys don't freak you out. If they DO freak you out, I usually link to the comic-related posts over on my Twitter as well. So give both or either accounts a follow if you would.

Also, we put up a little (but kind of long) image up over on namirdeiter.com that links to Nicole and Derek's official site, where one day you'll be able to find cool stuff, like... a character's page... and... linking... buttons? I don't know, but hopefully I'll come up with more things than just that. Either way, I would love it if you all came by and visited the new site. We're still working on the site design, but those have always been "forever works in progress" with me, so we'll see just where it goes.

So... thank you to everyone who stuck it through the hiatus during the comic's changing of the guard! We're almost at a month now with the comic, hooray!

04.13.2015 - Terrence Marks:
Here we are, day one of Nicole and Derek. We'll be updating five days a week, at both Namir Deiter and Nicole and Derek. We're excited about it and we hope you are too! We've got a whole lot more coming your way than just kids waking up.

What will the new ND's regular schedule be? That depends. We'll see how this goes and take it from there.

Also, we want to thank everybody who expressed their condolences about Isabel's grandmother. We really appreciate it.

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